Thursday, February 21, 2013

As a mum to two girls of  which one is a teenager, you kind of get used to the teen side of them, you know the moody side! The side that doesn't want to be in front of the camera. So when I got to photograph 3 friends all in their late teens, my expectations were not too great to be honest. I was expecting shy, embarrassed teenagers.

I was more than pleasantly surprised. Ellie, Alex and Will arrived dressed if they had stepped out of a Hollister campaign. There was no sign of moody shy embarrassed teenagers, but 3 teens who were more than just friends. It was a cold Octobers morning on a farm in Gloucestershire where the shoot was to take place. After hot chocolate to warm everyone else, Ellie, Alex and Will got straight into it, not a shy smile to be had anywhere!

In fact I had so much fun, trying to select a couple of images was proving too hard. So picture heavy post here!

I am now residing in Hong Kong, but for those in the UK who would like to book me on my return , I will be back in July shooting for 2 days only! I will be posting here and on my Facebook page dates.

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Watching Netflix Overseas said...

All pictures are very it.

Becky Male said...

You are absolutely right - this is just like a Hollister campaign! These teenagers look really cool - some great images Anna.

jennaterri said...

Amazing photos Anna - they all look so sharp! Brilliant! x

Cristina Rossi said...

Lovely images! It looks like you have really put them at ease, they look comfortable in front of the camera! :-) x

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