Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back in February I was asked if I would like to participate in Art Fest week at Discovery Bay College on Lantau Island, and teach a group of 15-17 year old's about photography. Er hell yes! No holding me back.
When I lived in Hong Kong many moons ago, I used to live on Discovery Bay and the idea of going back bought many wonderful memories.
Peng Chau was our "go to hang out" in the summer at weekends, just a short boat ride from DB ; a tiny fishing village where there was one pub ran by an English guy. Of course 20 years later things have change just abit!

I met Gail who works at DB college and the students on the plaza. We walked down to the ferry pier to take the short ride over to Peng Chau. This was a great opportunity for me to grab some portraits of the students and have a quick chat on what I wanted them to get out of our day together.
The idea of this workshop was to get the students to see everyday objects with a photographers eye. Looking at composition, light and view point.

my lovely students for the day

Peng Chau wet market

top right - left : zucchini, lemons/beans/corriander, water chestnuts, potato, mushrooms and chinese turnip

bamboo steam baskets

The field trip to Peng Chau coincided with the week running up to Chinese New Year. Food stalls were a profusion of colour and smell as were the temples.

this tickled me; the temple caretaker was using a flame torch to light the mosquito coils

I really enjoyed teaching the students how to get the most out of their cameras,; whether they had a pro DSLR or even an iPhone! At the end of the day principles of light and composition still apply!.

Next week I am doing it all again, this time for 60 students at ICHK where Izzy is a student. I cannot wait.

I hope you enjoyed my images form Peng Chau. Do leave a comment if you have time.

Anna x

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NIcola Light said...

Wow - these are fab - amazing vibrant colours. I bet the students LOVED it, certainly looks fun! Enjoy the next one! xxx

jennaterri said...

Aww wow, looks like you had a great time! Brillian't photos and Good Luck for the next course!

Charlotte Bryer-Ash said...

Looks amazing Anna!! Lots of colour and I'm sure the students loved it!!! Best wishes for your next course x

michelle waspe said...

ooooh these are so interesting and colourful! really enjoyed these xx

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